About LFD News

Journalism is meant to be dedicated to the truth. No matter what form it takes, the goal is the same: to share information with the public, not just fragments that favor various interests.

Major media outlets are falling short in their duty to present the facts of crucial issues and to allow for more voices to be heard. Rather than present all facts and leave conclusions to the public, the media has shown a troubling pattern of shaping its narratives and providing their own conclusions. The public has taken notice, and the calling across America for a return to responsible, principled media is growing louder than ever including here in New Hampshire.

At LFD News, our mission is clear: to reestablish factual, unbiased journalism in New Hampshire as it was originally intended. LFD News was founded by Sam Eaton and Annabelle Bamforth, who have spent years at the national level working with Emmy-winning journalist Ben Swann’s Truth In Media Project, a groundbreaking organization commanding attention to issues that the mainstream media has brushed aside or distorted. Sam and Annabelle are excited to be able to provide the same trusted, definitive media for the people of New Hampshire.