It wasn’t long ago that our Celebrity-in-Chief, Barack Obama, promised if we like our health insurance and doctors we can keep them. This particular example of over-promising and under-delivering notoriously went down in history as 2013’s lie of the year and rightfully so. This was no little white lie. Millions lost their insurance and doctors; it is serious business with serious consequences for the American people.

The pain of this monumental falsehood has of late been compounded by the fulfillment of yet another lie from our inept executive branch, that is, the oft-repeated deception that premiums would come down as a result of implementing the ACA. We now know with certainty what many of us suspected all along: The claim that premiums would decrease is and has been always a heinous fabrication.

Indeed, the cost of silver health plans is set to jump some 25% in 2017, no small increase, especially considering the Affordable Care Act was originally supposed to be, you know, affordable. The sticker shock has left the country reeling and the White House doesn’t seem to have many, if any, excuses to make. Blaming George W. Bush doesn’t seem to be a plausible card to play and considering passage of the ACA garnered zero GOP support it’s not likely President Obama can shift the blame to Republicans.



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